Web Ambassador's Agreement

We are responsible for representing the University online.

Download the full Web Ambassadors Network Handbook

Once you gain access to your site, we take that as agreement to the following: 

Each University site must keep at least one active Web Ambassador, who is responsible for the development and maintenance of said site. If there is only one Web Ambassador for said site, the ambassador must take on the Content Publisher role.

Responsibilities of all Web Ambassadors:

  • Performing regular content audits of all sites they are assigned.
  • Performing content audits on the University’s main site (Louisiana.edu) of all information for their department or office.
  • Reporting bugs, misinformation, or errors as you come across them.
  • Promoting the positive work being done by the University through online development.
  • Developing new ideas and features for sites to utilize.
  • Following training protocol and processes laid out in this handbook. 


The way your Web Ambassador Team operates is mostly up to your team. As long as your team is meeting their expected responsibilities and is functioning well as a team, most of your processes are up to you. 

However, there are some processes that you are expected to follow.

  • Content Editors may create content for their site and save as a Draft where it is visible to those logged in. 
  • Content Publishers are the only ambassadors with the permission to publish the content to your live site.  
  • All Web Ambassadors must go through the appropriate training before gaining the access they are requesting. 

Some suggested processes:

  • The Content Editors may be responsible for contacting subject matter experts within their department or office in order to keep their site content up to date and relevant.
  • The Content Publishers may be responsible for assigning which subject matter experts each of the Content Editors will contact.
  • The Content Editors may be responsible for collecting contact information for student and alumni spotlights. 
  • The Content Publishers may be responsible for relaying that spotlight information to the Core Team so our Content Writer(s) can interview & write spotlights for the main site as well as your site. 


  • The Content Editors may be responsible for performing interviews & writing spotlights for your site and Content Publishers are responsible for relaying the best spotlights to the Core Team to pull onto the main site. 
  • If your site has a news or blog listing, the Content Editor may be responsible for creating news stories or blog posts regularly. 

Appointment & Training

Only employees or students at the University can be Web Ambassadors. Outside parties are not allowed access to edit the websites. 

Appointing a Web Ambassador

Only the Content Publisher can request the appointment of a new Web Ambassador to their website.  The request for access must be made to the Web Team via this form.

If there is no current Web Ambassador, one can be requested by the senior-most person in an office, department, or college (i.e. the Dean or Department Head, etc.)

If the number of Web Ambassadors to a website is maxed out, the request must specify which ambassador should be removed. 


All Web Ambassadors must go through the appropriate training before they gain the access they are requesting. You will be assigned your training based on the request made. 

All training is available on Moodle for you to get through at your own pace. You will not receive any access until all training is completed and approved by a member of the Core Team. 

Removing a Web Ambassador 

A Web Ambassador should have their access revoked if they leave the University or can no longer fulfill their Web Ambassador responsibilities. In either case, the Web Ambassador should have their access removed via this form.

The Core Team reserves the right to revoke a Web Ambassador’s access if they have not logged in to the site in more than six months or if the Web Ambassador’s actions do not comply with the University’s Web Policy.