Old Ragin' CMS Templates

All templates on the old Ragin' CMS platform include the following design elements, which are required on all sites on that platform.

Template Banner

  • Official University of Louisiana at Lafayette logo
    • Official logos for colleges, departments, units are provided by the Office of Communications and Marketing for subsites of the University
    • Please note: The header graphic (logo and background image) of the main University of Louisiana at Lafayette website is reserved for use on that site only. Reuse of that header graphic elsewhere is not permitted under any circumstances. Contact wearred@louisiana.edu to request a logo for website usage.


  • Tactical Navigation
    • Maps, A-Z, Donate, ULink, search bar
    • For main website pages: Current Students, Faculty & Staff, Alumni
    • For subsites: Explore the University dropdown menu
  • Global Navigation
    •  Navigation items (for subsites, no more than 5) that on click go directly to primary pages.
  • Secondary Navigation
    • Automatically generated on primary pages for section links only. Architecture has been designed to limit section links at this level to no more than 10.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    • Breadcrumb navigation starts with Home and then includes the name of the page you are on.

Page Content

  • Page Title
    • The page title corresponds with the name of the link in the navigation. This consistency is required to help users identify their path on the site and eliminates confusion when navigating the site.
    • Page title is a Heading 1
  • Positioned Subhead
    • These are needed on primary pages in particular for new positioning. These will be editable but are limited to 2-3 lines. Pages can still work without the subheads if they are on a subsite.
  • Content
    • Site content should be short and hyperlinked where applicable. It should be written in a conversational style and should address the user as “you.”
  • Right Float Box
    • This section is very flexible and can be customized to include all media types—slideshows, videos, photos, text content. This content should promote exploration across the University’s site beyond the current page.

Right Float Boxes

  • Right float (also called spotlights)
    • These boxes are optional and can be changed, shared, and made to be dynamic through modules available in the content management system.
    • Best practice is to limit right floats to two per page since text will likely not make pages long enough to display more.


  • Address and contact information
    • This will appear as the University’s generic contact information on main pages. Subsite footers will display address and contact information that reflects the college, department, or program instead of the generic University info.
  • Subscribe to @Louisiana Newsletter
    • Users can submit their email addresses in a text box to subscribe to the University’s official eNewsletter, @Louisiana.
  • Connect With Us
    • This provides links to official University social media accounts.
    • For subsites, will connect with the unit’s specific social media accounts if they exist.
  • Disclaimers and Information
    • Links include: A Member of the UL System, IT Help & Support, Web Accessibility, Privacy Policy, Emergency Notification, and Donate
  • Copyright
    • All pages will end with © [YEAR] University of Louisiana at Lafayette. All rights reserved.