Content Tutorials & Resources

We have a saying in the web world: content is king. Your site needs strong content so your users find what they need easily and quickly.

You're here because you want your website to be the best it can be, and we’re glad you are excited about it. The new University websites look wonderful, but that means nothing without content. Let's cover the best practices for writing and using your website so that your visitors get the most out of their experience.

Whether you're starting from scratch, reimagining your current site, or getting ready for a big change, it's important to think through your content development process. Here's a couple things you'll want to do:

Web Ambassadors Network Content Cycle: 1: Content Editors address change requests made by department faculty and core team. 2: Content editors review current site content and create new content where needed. 3: content editors send new content to content publishers. 4: content publishers review content and publish to live site when approved. 5: content publishers request changes to be made by the core team. 6: core team member addresses change requests.

The Content Cycle

The way you operates is mostly up to your Web Ambassador team. As long as you continue to meet expectations and function well as a team, most of your processes are up to you. However, the Core Team has come up with this basic content cycle to provide you with a foundation to start on.