News/Story Tutorial

News and spotlights are used in multiple places across the site. Both use most of the same fields, but stories do use some additional fields.

News = standard press releases, general stories, etc.

Spotlights = pieces about a person or people

Create a News/Story 

Go to Content > Add Content > News/Story. Fill out the fields:

  • Title (a headline for the story)
  • Publish date (will default to the current day, but we can back date if necessary)
  • Author name (if you want it to be public)

Click on Media to add an image or video. 

  • Click Select Image to upload a photo and follow the steps. 
    • The image should be 1200x800. 
    • When the photo is uploaded, name it “News/Spotlight/LaLouisiane (depending on what type of story it is) – subject name” and provide a descriptive alternative text that is search engine optimized with the appropriate keywords.
  • Click Select Video to pull in a video from YouTube or Vimeo. Follow the steps for adding a video. 


Add the story draft to the Body section. Add formatting or links, as necessary.

Scroll down to Featured News/Story. 

Check the box if you want the story to appear in a featured news section. You’ll likely check this most of the time unless you are posting an announcement or statement. 

News/Story Type

In the News/Story Type field, start typing and choose the appropriate tag: News, Spotlight, or La Louisiane. 

News Topics

In the News Topics field, type in the tags that apply to this particular story and select them from the auto-complete dropdown. You can select multiple tags.

Tags should include the story topic, plus the department(s) and college(s) that the story relates to. This determines where the stories appear across all websites. 

Optional additions:

  • Gallery: Upload a gallery of images or videos related to the story. Follow the tutorial for creating a gallery. 
  • News/Story tagged feature: Pull in the four newest stories that have a specific tag or set of tags. 

If not using any of the optional additions, click the “remove” button on each before saving.


On the right-hand side of the page, click on Metatags and fill out the fields:

  • Description (155-character limit)
  • Image (pull the URL from the media listing)