Approved University Logos

The marks of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are owned and registered by the University.

The University secured federal protection for the University fleur-de-lis logo based on the logo’s unique shape and shading.

All marks of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette are managed through the University’s Trademark Licensing Program, with the assistance of the Collegiate Licensing Company. CLC is the University’s national licensing agent.

Any use of UL Lafayette’s name or marks requires prior approval from the Office of Communications and Marketing, which manages the University’s branding and licensing program.

A trademark provides statewide protection for a name or item; federal registration provides national protection for a name or item.

To ensure protection of trademark rights, the “®” symbol should appear with any University logo or with any use of the University name. In a text document, the “®” should appear after the name of the University in the first reference.

The term Ragin’ Cajuns® and the University’s fleur-de-lis are federally protected. The registered indicator “®” must appear with any use of the term Ragin’ Cajuns® and each time the University’s fleur-de-lis logo is displayed.


The secondary academic logo is used in the banner of all pages within the main university site.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette Navigation Logo

The Web banner format for subsites consists of the office/college/department logo. It contains the university’s secondary academic logo with the name of the office/college/department. The Office of Communications and Marketing provides these official logos.



University of Louisiana at Lafayette Web Ambassadors Network Subsite Navigation Logo

Horizontal and vertical versions of these logos will be made available for print use but only the horizontal Web banner displayed above may be used in a subsite banner. This Web banner may not be used for print.

For information regarding logo usage in print and other areas, refer to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Graphics Standards Manual.

Non-University Logos

Placing logos that are not official University logos is prohibited due to our .edu domain. Therefore, corporate logos and logos from brands can not be placed on sites. Naming company sponsors and linking to their sites is acceptable as long as no logo is used.