Online Training

Our training will show you the ins-and-outs of using our content management system, Ragin' CMS.

While we’re going through our current redesign, we have a training for both new and old content management systems.

When making a request to add a Web Ambassador, there is a choice between the old Ragin' CMS and the new Ragin' CMS. Ambassadors-in-training will need to go through the appropriate training. If your site is not currently on the new Ragin' CMS platform, but it is in the active redesign process, you will need to choose the new Ragin' CMS option.

All training is available on Moodle for you to get through at your own pace. You will not receive any access until all training is completed and approved by a member of the Core Team. 

In order for your training to be complete, you will need to follow along with all modules on the Moodle training, take all quizzes, and practice building in our sandbox environments for the website and calendar.

During training, you will learn about:

  • Standard practices & web content writing
  • Accessing & navigating the website
    • Front-end navigation
    • Back-end navigation
  • Building your site
    • Build a page for your site
    • Build each page component on your page
    • Create a Blog Post with an Author
    • Create a News/Story