Build Your Web Team

A good team is essential to keep your web presence relevant and up to date. 

The Web Ambassador Team is made up of your entire team of ambassadors in your department or office. Only employees or students at the University can be Web Ambassadors. Outside parties are not allowed access to edit the websites. 

Appointing a Web Ambassador

Only the Lead Web Ambassador can request the appointment of a new Web Ambassador to their site. 

If there is no current Web Ambassador, one can be requested by the senior-most person in an office, department, or college (i.e. the Dean or Department Head, etc.)

Request a new Web Ambassador

New Design, New Experience

Alongside the launch of the University’s website redesign, we began developing a redesign for the Web Ambassadors Network as well. This is the perfect program to fully embrace the digital landscape required to survive since 2020. To provide the best experience for our current Web Ambassadors, we are only implementing this new structure for those coming into the new website design. 

Content Publisher

  • This is the Lead Web Ambassador for your team. They are responsible for leading their team and making sure all responsibilities are being met.
  • These ambassadors are the liaisons between your team and the Core Team.
  • Each department or office is limited to 2 Content Publishers.
  • Responsible for publishing content created or revised by Content Editors.
  • Can create, edit, and publish any nodes on their assigned subsite.

Content Editor

  • This role applies to each member of your team of Web Ambassadors who does a large portion of your site’s content creation. 
  • Each department or office may have up to 3 Content Editors in addition to the assigned Content Publishers.
  • Can create and edit any nodes on their assigned subsite. 

Calendar Editor

  • This Web Ambassador is the member of your team that is responsible for posting events to your department’s calendar and keeping it up to date.
  • Can post events to their assigned calendar.

Social Media Manager

  • Your social media managers are those in charge of your social media accounts. 
  • You may have one social media manager in charge of multiple social media accounts or multiple social media manager, each in charge of one or more of your social media accounts.