News, Events & Blogs

You have the option to include a few features on your site that require regular updating. 

These options include news, events and blogs.

Creating News Content

News should be used to update site visitors about accomplishments, changes, and opportunities. 

When creating a news item that originally appeared on another website or media outlet, link back to the original publisher.

News items should have at least 300 words in the body content. 

Old Ragin' CMS News

A news item will appear on a website’s home page for 90 days after its publish date. The three most recent news items published within the last 90 days will appear on the website home page. 

News items should include a descriptive headline, a photograph, and links to guide users to more information on your site.  

News feeds are set up through views, which you can request through the Web Team.

New Ragin' CMS News

On the new Ragin' CMS platform, your news feed is set up through a News Listing page. Each site is limited to one News Listing page. 

You have the option to feature your news stories on a page through the News/Story Curated Feature or the News/Story Tagged Feature. The tagged feature will update automatically with the News/Story content that the feature has specified. The curated feature needs to be manually updated regularly.

Creating Calendar Events

All University events need to be added to the University calendar at

Required areas for events are: title, type of event, start date and time, body, sponsor, location, contact email, admission information, and audience. Images are preferred.

Event titles should provide enough context so users on the originating site and on the calendar understand what it is about. For example, the Biology Society should not create an event named “Annual Meeting.” Instead, the event title should be “Biology Society Annual Meeting.”

The body text in an event should include the event purpose and expected activity happening during the event. 

Events on the Old Ragin' CMS

Events created on the University calendar will appear on your website's homepage. Upcoming events will be displayed and will be removed automatically once they have passed.

Events on the New Ragin' CMS

Events created on the University calendar may be displayed on your site with the combination of a LiveWhale widget and a component on your page. The calendar widget must be requested by a Web Ambassador via the Web Ambassador Request form

Blog Standards Guide

Here's a quick rundown of our blog standards:

  • Must post a minimum of once a month during the semester. 
  • Blogs hosted on University sites are not personal blogs.
  • The Web Team reserves the right to remove or edit any content.
  • Selling and advertising via University blogs and websites is prohibited. 
  • Request your blog setup through the Web Team.

Read the full Blog Standards Guide for more information.