Ragin' CMS

Manage your site with Ragin’ CMS.

A content management system – or CMS –  is a system used to add and manage digital content. Ragin’ CMS is how we refer to our content management system. It is built on a Drupal foundation, but the front-end system that we use is made simple enough that you can build your department’s site confidently. 

Accessing Ragin’ CMS

To access Ragin’ CMS, you must be an active Web Ambassador. If you are an active web ambassador and you are having trouble accessing Ragin’ CMS to edit your site, contact a member of our Core Team to help you resolve your issue. 

For those still working in our old template, you can log in to Ragin’ CMS on your site by adding ‘/user’ to the end of your URL. Enter your website credentials to log in and you’re ready to access and edit any current pages or create your new content. 

If your site is on our new template, you’re login process is a little different. 

  1. Log in at https://louisiana.edu/user/ 
  2. Go to your Groups page to access any site you have permissions to that have been transferred to the new template
  3. Select the site you want to edit
  4. Add or manage your content in the Nodes tab