Required Design & Content Elements

To ensure a unified Web presence, our Web identity standards include required and recommended components.

These standards apply to all sites revamped or created after Jan. 1, 2013. Existing websites that have not been assimilated into the new University templates and content management system will incorporate these standards as best as possible as they wait for redesign by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

To ensure a consistent appearance and ease of use for site visitors, we recommend that any UL Lafayette organization or activity receiving University funds, or supported by gifts and grants obtained by University employees or programs, also follow these guidelines.

Official University Templates

All colleges, departments, offices, programs, and affiliated pages on the Web must be built with the University branded templates provided by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

We currently have two platforms which have unique design elements. 

Review the required templates for the Old Ragin' CMS platform.

Review the required templates for the New Ragin' CMS platform.