Gallery Tutorial

In-page galleries can include both photos and videos. Videos must be already uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo to be included on the website.

Each photo or video can have a caption to accompany it. 

Galleries can be added to pages where the component is available.

Adding a gallery

Go to the page where you want to add a gallery and click in to edit.

Scroll to the “Add components” section and click on the arrow. Click Add Gallery. 

Fill out the Title field (required) and the Description field (optional).  

Add photos and videos to your gallery. Scroll down and the area to add your first gallery item should appear. 

Click “Select image” or “Select video,” depending on what you want the first item in the gallery to be. 

If you select image: Click on the Upload images tab and click the Select files button. Upload an image that is 760x500 pixels. 

Fill out the fields:

  • Title: Follow the naming convention “Gallery – [page name] – [photo subject]
  • Alternative text: Use SEO-friendly keywords in a description of the image

Click the Place image button. 

Once the photo is placed, add a caption below. The caption should be 1-2 sentences. It should be long enough to provide context and interest, but not too long that it overwhelms the picture.