New Ragin' CMS Site Tutorials

Learn how to navigate your site with these tutorials.

Welcome to the new Ragin' CMS platform! Here are a few resources to help you navigate the new site. 

If you have gone through the Moodle training for the new Ragin' CMS platform, you will retain your access to the course and be able to go back and view the tutorials whenever you need. 

If you would like to see a tutorial on a topic that is not listed or have a question about how to do something, please contact

Image Sizes

As a quick guide, here are all of the image size guidelines for the new site. We recommend you try to follow these guidelines as closely as possible with the image sizes on your site. 

Embedded Images, Checkerboard Images, Gallery Images
760 x 500 px

Author Profile Images
500 x 500 px

Blog Image
760 x 400 px

Differentiator Images
600 x 600 px

News/Story Header Images, Page Header Images
1200 x 800 px