Web Style Guide

The University’s brand is shaped by how each of us communicates what we do, what we stand for, and the impact we have on others. We strive to articulate a strong, cohesive message that will tell the story of our students, faculty, and staff and advance the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

The University’s website is our broadest reaching marketing tool. It enables us to reach audiences across the globe and is the platform with the most impact for telling our story and sharing our successes. So, a unified web presence for all UL Lafayette sites is key for solidifying our brand and uniting all people and aspects of the institution.

The web identity standards defined in this style guide are the minimum requirements for the look, feel, and functionality of all official UL Lafayette websites to protect and promote our brand. These standards fall under the umbrella of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s overall publications standards, all websites must comply with them. This web guide is for anyone who creates or maintains official University websites.

The Web Style Guide applies to all official University sites. Official sites are defined as web pages that have been created by the University, its colleges, schools, departments, or other administrative units. It does not apply to websites created by individuals, such as students or faculty.

Every UL Lafayette website contributes to the user’s perception of the University and our brand. To ensure a unified Web presence, official University sites should be visually related. This consistent visual identity preserves and promotes the University’s brand identity and provides optimal user experience.

Website development approval is required from the Office of Communications and Marketing. All official University sites will be integrated into official University templates per the University’s Web Policy. The University’s Web Team will help you ensure the best user experience via useful content and appealing design that meets the University’s standards and further our goals.


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette websites connect all facets of the University and create an online community of learning, sharing, and joie de vivre. Official University websites should reflect the quality education and spirit of the campus, while meeting professional standards in content, usability, and accessibility.

Our strategically developed and branded sites:

  • Serve as an online communication hub and resource for the University community
  • Create a central branding tool for the University
  • Conform to international standards for accessibility
  • Maximize efficiency in design, development, maintenance, and collaboration
  • Apply the latest technology with sustainable project development

By simplifying the user experience, UL Lafayette Web standards create a welcoming environment on the Web, while providing an intuitive user experience. Through standardization, users are able to use a familiar navigation scheme and labeling system every time they visit a different site within the University’s web domain. Standards also streamline web design and development, shifting the focus of faculty and staff members to the most important part of the University’s web presence — content.