Preferred/Used/ Chosen Name

A preferred/used/chosen name is an alternate first name that differs from a person’s legal first name. Any student may choose to identify themselves within the University’s information system with a preferred/used/chosen name in addition to their legal name. 

Requesting Use of a Preferred/Used/Chosen Name

Students may request to add, edit, or remove their preferred/used/chosen name by completing a Preferred/Used/Chosen Name Request form.

Once submitted, this form will update the following information systems: 

  • Self-Service Applications, includes Student Profile and Class Rosters
    The name display will be as follows:
         - Student's Legal first name (Preferred/Used/Chosen name) Legal last name - ex. Sally (Sam) Deaux 
  • Moodle
  • DegreeWorks 
  • Student Success Manager/CRM Advise – Academic Success Center
  • MediCat – Student Health Services
  • Handshake - Career Services
  • MS Teams**
  • Email Address**
     ** must indicate on the Preferred/Used Name Request Form

You may update your preferred/used/chosen name to additional systems and/or offices by doing the following: 

  • Zoom: Open Zoom via web browser. Click on the edit button on the right side of the name from the profile section. Edit the display name, scroll down, and save.
  • Cajun Card: Visit the Cajun Card Office in the Student Union, Room 134, to request an updated card with your preferred/used name.  Your preferred/used/chosen name will be present on the front of the card and your legal name will be on the back. Replacement card fees apply.
  • External Systems: AIM – Office of Disability Services (student enters personal information into system)
    - ILLiad – University Library (student has option to enter preferred name)

While the University is looking to and actively working on the expansion of preferred/used/chosen name usage, the preferred/used/chosen name will not appear in the following locations: 

  • Transcripts (Official and Unofficial)
  • Diplomas and Graduate Certificates
  • Any legally binding document produced by the University

Legal name may be required to be used due to relevant law, policy, regulation, or mandate.

Questions about Preferred/Used/Chosen Name - Please visit the Preferred/Used/Chosen Name FAQs page