Registration Overrides

If a course requires a registration permit, is closed, or prevents registration based on major, class, prerequisite etc., students can request electronic override permission into the course.

Process to Request a Registration Override

All decisions regarding registration overrides are made by the academic department that offers the course. You should submit your request via your University-issued email to the departmental email address. You can utilize the University's website to find the departments email address.

Some departments/colleges have web forms that can be used to initiate your request. These are defined below:

College of The Arts - To be utilized for ALL courses owned by the College of the Arts
Mathematics Department
English Department (Undergraduate) 
English Department (Graduate)

Notification of Approval and Registering

After the request has been submitted, all communication regarding the status of the request is sent to the student's ULL email address.

If the request is approved, the academic department will enter the electronic override into the student information system, and the student is then able to register. The issuance of an electronic override does not automatically register you in the course. You must self-register for the course.