Withdrawal/Resignation FAQs

When is the last day to withdraw/resign from classes?

The deadline to withdraw from a class with a grade of "W" and the deadline to resign from the University are published in the Academic Calendar.  The deadline for voluntary resignation from the University is approximately 70% into the semester/session/intersession.

If you are attempting to withdraw from a class or resign from the University after the deadline, you must appeal to the academic dean of your college and present proof of extenuating circumstances before your request can be considered for late/retroactive approval.

How does resigning affect my academic record?

If you resign or cancel your registration on or before the fourteenth (14th) day of class, in a regular semester (spring or fall), or by the seventh (7th) day of a summer session, you are required to reapply for admission for future enrollment. If you resign after the Schedule Adjustment (Drop/Add) Period, you will be assigned grades of "W" for all courses in the semester which you resigned.

How will my financial obligation to the University be affected if I withdraw from a class?

You are financially responsible from the course(s) in which you choose to withdraw from. There is no tuition and fee appeal process for fees associated with a course dropped with grade of "W.

How will my financial obligation to the University be affected if I resign (drop all classes)?

Please review the Resignation Schedule for information regarding the tuition/fee refund you may receive depending on when you resigned for the semester.

What are some of the financial implications for withdrawing/resigning?

If you receive financial aid, you may be required to repay all or part of your financial aid if you drop one or more classes. Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

  • Financial Aid Recipients (TOPS, Financial Aid, PELL, etc) –If dropping to less than full-time, it is recommended that you meet with a Financial Aid Counselor. Falling below full-time status may affect your financial aid, scholarships, grants, or loans. Resigning early in the term may result in a portion of your aid being required to be returned. It is critical to be mindful of your Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress (SAP) as well as limitations on repeated courses.
  • Veteran Benefits - If you receive veterans’ benefits, notify the Office of Veteran & Student Military Services
  • Scholarships - Contact the Scholarship Office regarding any scholarship you have received.
  • Housing – If residing on campus and dropping all classes/resigning, it is recommended that you contact University Housing for information on how to cancel your housing/meal plan contract.
  • External Aid: Other types of external aid may be affected when dropping one or more classes. 
    Example: Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS); requires full-time status. 

Will withdrawing/resigning affect me academically? 

Progress to Degree:

  • Dropping a class or all classes could delay your timeline to complete your degree.
  • Be considerate of classes that are prerequisites for the upcoming term.


  • Eligibility to remain in your desired academic program (major)
  • Restrictions based on repeats, linked classes, and prerequisite/co-requisite classes

Will I lose benefits if I withdraw/resign? 

Student Athletes - Student athletes should consult with the Student Athletic Academic Advising Center before withdrawing from one or more classes as this may affect your eligibility with the NCAA.

International Students - International students should consult with the Office of International Affairs before withdrawing from one or more classes as this may affect your visa status or other requirements.

Student Status - Full-time status is necessary to qualify for some benefits (Example - Good Student Discount).