Registration Holds

Many different types of holds will prevent registration. Depending on the type of hold, you may need to complete certain requirements or contact a specific office for a resolution. Holds may only be released by the office that owns the hold. 

Reviewing Holds

  • Login into the student portal (ULink)
  • Select the Registration Tab
  • Under Get Ready to Register -> Select “Check Holds"

Common Holds that Prevent Registration

Hold Descriptions
Contact Office/Information
Advising Hold - Need to see advisor
Students are required to have an advising session with their Academic Advisor prior to registration.

If you have met with your advisor and the hold has not been released, you must contact your advisor to release the hold.
Admissions Hold
Grad School Hold
Contact the Office of Admissions to verify what information is needed for their records.
Undergraduate Admissions 
337-482-6473 |

Graduate Admissions
337-482-6965 | 
Special Hold
Financial Hold
NSF Hold
Prior Semester Banner Hold
Tuition and Housing Debt Hold
There is an outstanding debt on your statement of account that requires payment prior to registration.
Contact the Student Cashier Center 
337-482-6385 |
Library Fine
Contact Dupre' Library 
337-482-6025 |
Parking Citation
Contact Transportation Services 
337- 482-6858 |
International Affairs
International Affairs Office
Contact the Office of International Affairs 
337-482-6819 |
Student Health
Student Health Services
Contact Student Health Services 
337-482-1328 |
Orientation Office Hold
Contact the Office of Orientation 
337-482-1391 |