Late Schedule Adjustment

A Late Schedule Adjustment request may be completed for the following transactions:

  • Schedule Adjustments: Students who have courses registered for the term and would like to request to add a course, add/drop (switch sections of same course). or request a credit adjustment to variable credit course.
  • ​Late Registration: Students who have no registration for the term following the end of the schedule adjustment period (drop/add).

To request a Late Schedule Adjustment, initiate the request with the instructor or department of the course.

Students submitting a late schedule adjustment must complete all required action items in the registration portal (Register for Classes). 

To complete action items:  

  1. Click on the box that says Pending
  2.  Allow the Action Item to load and read the content on the right side of the screen
  3. Check the “Accept” box and click “Save”
  4. The Pending status will change to Completed
  5. Once all Action Items have been completed, click “Continue”