Transfer Credit Appeal

Transfer Credit Appeal Procedure

General Information

Students may use the Transfer Credit Appeal process to appeal an initial decision denying transfer of course credit(s) and/or an assigned equivalency.

To challenge denied transfer of course credit(s) or assigned equivalencies, complete the UL Lafayette Transfer Credit Appeal form and submit it along with required supporting documents to the Registrar’s Office for initial review. This appeal form may not be used for other means of credit (test credit etc.).

The student must:

1. Complete the Transfer Credit Appeal form.
2. Submit a signed, typed letter providing justification for re-review of a transfer credit evaluation decision.
3. Provide a copy of the course description and syllabus for the course(s) considered for appeal.
4. Submit the appeal form and all supporting documents to the University Registrar’s Office:

CreditUpon receipt of the Transfer Credit Appeal form AND all supporting documents, the Registrar’s Office will:

1. Submit the appeal for initial review to the College in which the course belongs.
2. Obtain the initial decision from the College within approximately 10 business days.
3. Notify the student of the appeal decision and make any necessary changes to the student’s record.

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