Change of Major

If your current major is not a good fit or your would like to adjust/add/remove a minor/concentration, we understand that you may want to consider changing it. Be sure to view the resources below in regards to consulting with the proper office to change your major and the potential impact to your degree progression and finances.

Importance of Timing for the Request

A change of major must be requested by the end of the Schedule Adjustment Period for it to be effective for the active term. If a request is received after the Schedule Adjustment Period, the Change of Major will be effective for the next term.

Change of Major/Minor/Concentration/Catalog

If you are in need of the following services, please contact the appropriate office to initiate your request. The chart below will provide guidance on if you are to consult with either an Academic Advisor or your Academic Dean's Office.

  • If you are student athlete, please initiate your change of major with
  • If you are an undergraduate student in an online program, please initiation your request with

    NOTE: If you are transferring into University College, formally known as general studies, you must have your transcript evaluated in University College before your change of major can be initiated.
    NOTE: If you are transferring into music or music education, you must pass an audition through the music department in Angelle Hall before your change of major can be initiated.

Graduate Students

If you are a graduate student or an online graduate student, please initiate your request with

Undergraduate Students


Office To  Initiate Change

Email Contact Information

Freshman/SophomoreAcademic Success
Junior/SeniorAcademic Dean's (of *new* major) ***SEE BELOW***

Dean’s Office Contact Information:

Academic College

Email Contact Information

Nursing and Health

Additional Resources

Review a "what if" audit on DegreeWorks to see the impact of changing your major.
Be sure to consult with the Office of Student Financial Aid to review how a change of major may affect your aid.