Cross Enrollment

A UL Lafayette student may take classes at SLCC while still being able to claim UL Lafayette as their home institution for purposes of total enrolled credit hours, financial aid, etc.


  1. Gain approval from your Academic Advisor/Department to apply for cross enrollment.
  2. Have all UL Lafayette courses scheduled.
  3. Complete and submit a cross-enrollment application.
  4. The Office of the University Registrar will submit the application to SLCC.
  5. If admitted, SLCC will register the student into the course and the student will receive a confirmation email from the Office of the University Registrar.


Students can take a maximum of:

  • 6 credit hours at SLCC for the Fall and Spring semester.
  • 3 credit hours at SLCC for the Summer

Cross-enrolled students must be enrolled at UL Lafayette for at least half of their total combined course load.

Potential Fees

Students are assessed UL Lafayette tuition & fee rates for the number of hours registered at SLCC.

More than 12 credit hours (ULL + SLCC) = $75 per SLCC Credit Hour
Less than 12 credit hours = No SLCC fee

Additional SLCC Fees:
Online Course = $40 per class; Lab Instruction = $30+;    Late Applicants = $25

*All fees will be charged on ULink through the student’s statement of account. Do NOT pay tuition and fees to SLCC.

Important Information

Fall – August 1      |      Spring – December 1      |      Summer – May 1          

Add/Drop Dates:
Cross-Enrolled students must follow SLCC’s academic calendar. SLCC add/drop dates typically differ from UL Lafayette.

To withdraw or drop a cross-enrolled course, the application MUST be completed with the UL Lafayette Office of the University Registrar.