The Office of the University Registrar announces the exact dates for registration in advance of each registration period. 

Continuing students register in October/November for the spring semester, and in March/April for the summer and/or fall semesters. Students are expected to see their advisor before registering. Exact dates for the beginning of advising and opening of registration can be found on the Dates and Deadlines section.

Prior to registration, be sure to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss academic plans for the upcoming semester. Academic advising is mandatory for all students. Once you meet with your academic advisor and develop an appropriate plan, he/she will lift your Academic Advising Hold allowing registration at your designated registration appointment time.

E-Bills are sent to students after each registration period. Financial services representatives (Student Cashiers and Student Financial Aid Counselors) are available year-round to assist students in satisfying their financial obligation to the University. Registration is not complete until payment is made, and the University reserves the right to drop a student from his/her scheduled courses if payment is not made by the due date.

In this section:

Registration and Liability

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette considers your registration as a clear indication of your intention to attend the University.

Complete Your Registration

Students must consent and pay their tuition and fees in full before registration is considered completed. Students can access their eBills via ULink. For information on payment options, please visit the Student Cashier Center's website for additional information regarding payment.


You are fully liable for your registration both academically and financially. Upon registering, you are required to acknowledge the Financial Obligation Policy.

Change of Mind

If you decide, before the start of the semester, that you will no longer be attending the University for the semester(s) in which you registered, be sure to manually drop your courses online via ULink. Please do not depend on the system to drop your courses on the basis of non-payment of tuition and fees.  Students who make financial arrangements or have scholarships may have a deferment on their statement of account which will hold those courses scheduled, even in the event of non-payment. Therefore, make sure you take responsibility in dropping your courses, if applicable. Also, please email the Office of Admissions at if you are First Time Freshman who has decided to not attend for the term applied or to switch your application term.