Academic Suspension FAQs

Why am I on academic suspension?

If both your semester GPA and overall GPA is below a 2.00 (excluding First Time Freshman) you will be placed on Academic Suspension by the University.

Can I appeal my academic suspension and how?

You may appeal your academic suspension and request permission to enroll for the upcoming semester. If you decide to appeal your suspension, please visit Information on Academic Suspension Appeals for instructions and important information as soon as possible. Personnel in the academic dean’s office are able to assist you regarding your appeal.

What happens to the classes I have scheduled for the upcoming semester?

If you have already scheduled classes for the upcoming semester, these classes have been dropped due to your suspension.

Will I have to re-apply to the University for the semester following my suspension?

If you do not enroll at the University for the upcoming semester, you will be required to submit an application for re-admission when you return.

Can I attend another University while on suspension at UL Lafayette?

Please note that an undergraduate student who is suspended from UL Lafayette may not enroll in another four-year university while on suspension. However, with approval of your academic dean’s office, you may enroll in a two-year community or junior college during the suspension period. If you would like to enroll at a community or junior college during the suspension period, you must meet with your academic dean’s office and obtain prior approval.

Do I have to move out my on campus housing?

Yes, if you are not actively enrolled at the University you can not continue to reside in University Housing.

How long am I required to sit out from the University?

If you are on your first or second suspension, you will need to sit out the following Fall or Spring semester.
If you are on your third or higher suspension, you will need to sit out for a full academic year.

What happens when/if my appeal is approved?

If your suspension appeal is approved by the Academic Dean's Office, the Dean's Office will forward your appeal for processing to the Office of the University Registrar. Once your appeal is processed, you will regain registration access. You must re-register courses for the term.