Transfer FAQ


How do I know if my courses will transfer?

All courses and grades from a regionally accredited institution may transfer and be used in calculating your attempted and earned credit hours and your total cumulative GPA. These totals will be used for financial aid status, scholarship requirements and academic status. However, all credits will not necessarily satisfy the requirements for your specific major. Applicable credits for degree requirements will be determined by the dean's office of your major.

Will all my hours transfer?

All credit for work completed at a regionally accredited college or university or, in some cases, at a non-accredited institution will be transferred to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, regardless of grade earned, including withdrawals and F’s.

Can I attend another school for a year or two and be guaranteed that all my credits will transfer?

There are no guarantees. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette accepts all college level course work from a regionally accredited college of university. However, all credits will not necessarily satisfy the requirements for your specific major. If you are unsure if your credits meet this requirement please contact

Will my D transfer to UL Lafayette?

All grades transfer to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette including D’s and F’s. However, a student must earn a C or better in certain courses in order for the courses to count towards your degree depending on your curriculum. You will need to speak with your department to determine which courses have minimum grade requirements.

Does UL Lafayette accept CLEP, AP, or credit by exam?

Subject to general limitations, UL Lafayette does accept credit earned through College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject examinations, and College Board Advanced Placement (AP).  For additional information on this please visit our Credit My Other Means' Page.

Will my military credit transfer?

The University recognizes the validity of the recommendation in the current edition of "A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services" and will grant credit for certain military schools subject to the approval of the Director of Admissions and the student's academic dean.

Will my transfer hours count toward my GPA at UL Lafayette?

Yes. Your cumulative GPA will will include attempted and earned credit hours from courses taken at regionally accredited institutions and identified as transferable by the Office of the University Registrar.

What if I disagree with an evaluation that was made?

You first need to contact to ensure an error was not made. If it is determined that the evaluation is correct and you disagree, you may initiate an appeal process. For information on how to appeal please see Transfer Credit Appeal page

How long will it take to get my credit evaluated?

Transfer courses are evaluated as quickly as possible. However, due to the large volume of transcripts it may take time for an evaluation to occur. Once an evaluation is completed it will be reflected on your transcript on ULink and in Degree Works.


How does transfer work get posted to the UL Lafayette transcript?

All transfer work is posted to the student’s record for the semester in which it was taken. Transfer work will appear on the transcript before any institutional work regardless of when the courses were taken.

Who evaluates transfer courses?

The Office of University Registrar in conjunction with the Academic Colleges, evaluates all transfer courses. If you have any questions about course evaluations please contact

What do I do if an advisee doesn’t have transfer work evaluated?

Please first check TES, Transfer Evaluation System to determine if the course has in fact been evaluated. If so, please reach out to so that we may update the student’s record. If the course is not evaluated, as an advisor you have the ability to review a student's transfer courses and make a professional judgement about whether or not a course will be accepted and applied towards their degree. Please keep in mind, appropriate substitution paperwork may need to be completed, but it should not halt the advising process.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of all evaluated course?

You may find a comprehensive list of all equivalencies, by institution, on TES, Transfer Evaluation System.

A student transferred colleges within the university. Do the transfer courses need to be reevaluated?

No. A course is evaluated based on that particular courses’ content and will apply to all students that have taken said course regardless of major.