Common Issues/Errors Before Registration

Message DisplayedWhat It MeansWhat to Do
Academic Standing prohibits registration.Your academic standing does not allow registration at this time.  This could indicate that you are currently on suspension or ineligible to register.Please contact the Office of the University Registrar.
Registration Appointment ErrorYou are trying to register outside your assigned registration appointment time.Check your registration appointment time and attempt to register during the appropriate time.
Student Status prohibits registration.Your student record is not active for the registration term.  This normally indicates that the student needs to be admitted/re-admitted for term.Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Graduate School depending on your student level.
You have no registration time ticket.You have not been assigned a registration appointment time.Contact the Registrar’s Office.
You may not add or drop classes due to holds on your record.There is a hold on your account that prevents registration.Check the holds on your account and contact the appropriate office about what action you need to take to have the hold removed.