Reserved Seating/Reserved Closed

Reserved seating is an available function of the student information system that enables academic departments to set aside or reserve a certain number of seats for a specific group of students.

During registration, students selecting a class with reserved seats must meet additional criteria to register for a reserved seat. If the student meets the criteria, they can register for the reserved seat.  If they do not meet the criteria, they can register for unreserved seats, if available.

How do I know if a course I want to enroll in has reserved seats? 

By clicking on the course title, a class details box will emerge which houses additional information on the course in question. Under the course description tab information on seat reservations is in the notation. For example, This section has reserved seating as follows: 5 seats for GSO students, 5 seats for HSA students, 5 seats for HPW students & 5 seats for MGMO students.

What happens if I do not meet the reserve eligibility requirements for the reserve seats? Can I register? 

During registration, the system will identify students who meet the requirements for the reserved seats, and those students will have priority to register for the course.  If there are available unreserved seats, you may register.  After the reserved seat period expires, any remaining seats will be made available for general registration.   

There are open seats, but I received a Reserved-Closed error during registration. What does this mean? 

“Reserve-Closed” means that the course is full due to reserved seating, and you are not eligible to register for one of the reserved seats. You may search for a different section of the course or wait until the reserve seating period expires to determine if there are remaining seats available.