Waitlist FAQs-Faculty/Staff

Are waitlists provided on the section level or at the course level only?

Waitlist are set-up at the section level: ex-If waitlist is requested for ENGL 365 it does NOT have to be activate on all sections of that course.

How are students prioritized on the waitlist?

Students are placed on the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis. This is not controlled by the Academic Departments or Office of the University Registrar, it is fully automated.

How often is the waitlist updated as students move off of the list?

The Office of the University Registrar runs an automated job every 2 minutes to adjust the student’s waitlist position based on the registration activity that has occurred.

Once a student receives an email about waitlist, how long do they have to claim an open seat?

Once a waitlist email notification is sent, the student has 24 hours to register for the course. The exact time/date deadline is indicated in the email.

How do students register with the registration box present?

Students must register for waitlist via ULink. Student must add the course by changing the action bar from "wait listed" to "web registered" and hit submit. 

How can I request that a course in my department be set up with a waitlist?

Departments that would like to request that a waitlist be set up for a course should email waitlist@louisiana.edu with the course details.

How do I handle a graduating senior who needs to be enrolled in course that is closed so they can graduate?

A capacity override permission can be added to the graduating senior so that he/she may register for the course.

Is the waitlist feature available for lecture/lab courses?

The feature is not going to be available for lecture/lab courses.