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Research for a Reason

Our specialty is applied research that solves real-world problems. Sustainability, healthcare, new economies, new technologies, new processes, new products, new ideas — those are today’s challenges.

We’re taking on these challenges and building research partnerships among University students, faculty, government research labs, and the private sector to effectively change the world for the better.

We’re hands-on. Both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the world’s body of knowledge.

Our faculty has a wealth of expertise and top-notch resources to offer everything it takes to awaken the change agent in students. Faculty members — many of whom are award winners — are continuously making discoveries, pushing boundaries, inventing tools, all the while sharing these experiences and excitement in their classrooms with their students.

Research Initiatives at UL Lafayette

Current research underway at the university includes:

  • Biological research and development related to protecting, restoring, and managing natural resources, with an emphasis on fish, wildlife, and wetlands in the South;
  • Advanced exploration in sustainable energy production and usage, including real-time testing at the largest outdoor solar testing facility in the Southeastern United States and battery storage breakthroughs that could revolutionize the aviation industry;
  • Biomedical research that led to the first globally available COVID-19 vaccine;
  • Performance computer modeling powered by the fastest, most comprehensive supercomputing and 3D immersive visualization systems and massive data storage capabilities available today;
  • Applied research to support the development of knowledge economies in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. and bring innovations to the marketplace to foster healthcare and economic development; and
  • Developing tools to transform "data” into health care solutions, specifically addressing childhood obesity.

Student Research Opportunities

At UL Lafayette, we believe that hands-on experience and partnering with experts provides invaluable opportunities for our students.

That's why the University offers numerous research apprenticeships and opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. We are dedicated to providing our students with experiences they need to explore their passions and promote academic excellence.

Learn more about student research opportunities.

Faculty Research

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette believes that faculty research is central to fostering student engagement and creating a quality learning environment. Our support and encouragement of applied research, combined with our dedication to providing students with a classroom experience enriched with active learning and community involvement, is one of the University's greatest strengths when it comes to attracting high-quality faculty and students.

UL Lafayette is designated by the Carnegie Foundation as a Research University with High Research Activity, with over $164 million spent on research in 2020. Over the last three fiscal years, our largest federal sponsors were the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, and the Department of Defense.

Over the past decade, our faculty's innovative research has placed UL Lafayette among the top 150 universities in the nation when it comes to research and development funding. Whether they are utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities, taking advantage of Louisiana's unique coastal geography and ecology, or our close association with the unique Cajun and Creole cultures, scientists at UL Lafayette are conducting real-world research seeks to explain and solve real-world issues that affect the lives of people around the globe.

Our faculty's research is helping to preserve our past, enhance our lives, and shape our future.