Computer Science Minor (for Electrical Engineering majors)

You should minor in computer science if: 

  • You are great with computers and technology.
  • You love working with data.
  • You are a critical thinker.

Computer science and electrical and computer engineering are complementary disciplines. Having a minor in computer science will expand your knowledge of software and operating systems. 

In a software-driven world, electrical engineers will need to know how to bridge the gap between software and hardware with firmware. This minor will help you to expand your programming skillset, enabling you to produce better firmware, understand software better, and develop better critical and logical thinking skills. 

Not an electrical engineering major?
Take a look at the computer science minor for all majors.

Program Requirements

In order to complete a minor in computer science, you will need to complete 18 credits hours of relevant courses. 

This minor is specifically for electrical engineering majors. 

View the full minor requirements. 

The College of Engineering offers ten other specialty minors for engineering majors including:

Each minor requires you to complete a minimum of 18 hours in the specialized area while completing your degree within one of our current engineering and industrial technology programs.


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