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A place truly like no other, Acadiana is an area of incredibly rich and distinct cultural, musical, and culinary traditions.

Acadiana refers to the French Louisiana region—composed of 22 parishes—that is home to the Cajun people. Cajuns are descendants of the Acadians, a people exiled from Canada (Nova Scotia) by the British and New Englanders during the French and Indian War who settled along the bayous and prairies of southwest Louisiana.

Though the Cajun culture is the most prominent in the region, Acadian is also home to Creoles, several Native American Tribes, and variety of other ethnic groups. Together we create a community that works hard and plays hard.

Known for being warm and extremely hospitable, our culture embraces life to the fullest and welcomes everyone to join in the fun. No matter your age or station in life, all are invited to celebrate the simple pleasures life has to offer with incredible food, music, dancing, and limitless laughter.

UL Lafayette proudly serves as the institutional protector and embodiment of the Cajun and Francophone culture. We welcome you to visit us and experience true joie de vivre!