Taylor utilizes hospitality management and Spanish to create a memorable experience

Written byQuinn Foster

"I want to be responsible for those long-lasting memories and for bringing excitement into a person’s day. Through hospitality management, I believe that I can achieve that.”

Taylor Peters-Hamilton
Hospitality Management
New Orleans, LA

Where I'm From

I am from New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Where I Am

I am currently a student majoring in hospitality management and minoring in Spanish. 

Where I'm Going

I have many options available for my future because of the doors opened by my education. 

Taylor Peters-Hamilton is no stranger to going after what she wants in life, including attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  

Her mother graduated from UL Lafayette and was a first-generation college student which encouraged her decision.  

“UL Lafayette was a top choice. I always loved the idea of being an alum of the same university as my mom. In addition, this University offers a major that is more specific to my needs. When I learned of the hospitality management program, I instantly went from an aspiring business major to a hospitality management major.”

Taylor decided to major in hospitality management because of her desire to create timeless experiences for people.  

"I chose to study hospitality management because of the experiences and memories that it would not only bring me but also the people I will interact with. I want to be responsible for those long-lasting memories and for bringing excitement into a person’s day. Through hospitality, I believe that I can achieve that.” 

She chose Spanish as her minor to relate to more people around the world in another language. Taylor sees Spanish as an opportunity to learn about other cultures while building her professional resume.  

When it comes to Taylor’s favorite hospitality management courses, she enjoys Lodging Management taught by Professor Bowles.  

“We learned a lot about lodging operations in the classroom and in the hotels around Lafayette,” she said. “This class also provides you with the opportunity to become CHIA certified, which I was able to achieve.”

Her favorite elective course so far is Information Systems Management taught by Dr. Guidry-Hollier.  

“This class has a project where we design a website. This fascinated me because I did not think any of my classes would involve learning how to create web pages,” she said. 

Taylor is involved outside of class as well as the treasurer of the Ragin’ Hospitality Association

“We create an environment for hospitality management majors to feel welcomed and included. We provide a space to unwind and connect as not only hospitality management students, but college students in general. It is also a bonus that Ms. Becky is involved with the association. After meeting her in my first group meeting, I knew that I could talk and connect with my hospitality management major professors.” 

Taylor admits that she can be a shy person but her experience in the hospitality management program has encouraged her to be more outgoing.  

She said, “There have been many opportunities where I have stepped out of that due to this program. I revel in the fact that I will graduate from this program as a more self-assured person. Perseverance and confidence are two skills that I gained during my time at UL Lafayette.” 

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