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Tyler is a first-year freshman attending UL Lafayette on a scholarship.

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Melanie is a junior double majoring in political science and marketing. 

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Anthony is a member of the UL Gospel Choir who shares his Ragin' Spirit through music.

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Quynh is an international student from Vietnam. She is majoring in business and is in the honors program.

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Sean is a music business major whose work has been featured in a national commercial.

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Laura is a graduate student in communications who oversees the Office of Sustainability.

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Darryl is an exercise science major and wide receiver for the Ragin' Cajuns.

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Cris is a sports management major from São Paulo, Brazil. He feels his hands-on experience here has prepared him for his professional career.

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Shirlane is a freshman returning to school who balances her family life and work responsibilities.

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Peter is a junior majoring in advertising who traveled to Italy with our Study Abroad program.

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Core 4 Curriculum

Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum
English (4 units)
Units Courses
1 English I
1 English II
1 English III
1 English IV
Math (4 units)
Units Courses
1 Algebra I or Applied Algebra I or Algebra I-Pt. 2
1 Geometry or Applied Geometry
1 Algebra II
1 Financial Math or Math Essentials or Advanced: Pre-Calculus or Advanced: Functions & Statistics or Pre-Calculus or Calculus or Probability and Statistics or Discrete Math or approved. elective
Science (4 units)
Units Courses
1 Biology
1 Chemistry
2 Physical Science or Integrated Science or Physics I or Physics II or Physics of Technology I or Physics of Technology II or Aerospace Science or Biology II or Chemistry II or Earth Science or Environmental Science or Agriscience II or Anatomy and Physiology or approved elective (including approved IBC-related course)
Social Studies (4 units)
Units Courses
1 Civics or AP American Government + Free Enterprise (1/2 unit each)
1 American History
1 World History or World Geography or Western Civilization or AP European History
1 World History or World Geography or Western Civilization or AP European History or Law Studies or Psychology or Sociology or Civics (second semester, 1/2 unit) or African American Studies or approved IBC-related course (Religion I, II, III, IV for non public schools)
Foreign Language (2 units)
Units Courses
2 2 units from same language or 2 Speech courses
Arts (1 unit)
Units Courses
1 Fine Arts Survey or 1 unit: Art or Dance or Music or Theater Arts or Applied Arts or approved IBC-related course
19 Total Core Curriculum Units