A positive mindset is guiding nursing major Johnnie Hardy toward greatness

Written byQuinn Foster

“My favorite part about studying at UL Lafayette is the warm and loving atmosphere of the campus, everyone here is friendly.”

Johnnie Hardy
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Where I'm From

I am from Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Where I Am

I am currently a nursing student minoring in business.

Where I'm Going

I plan to work as a nurse and apply for medical school at Sam Houston State University.

Create your own education experience

Johnnie Hardy is determined to create an optimal college experience at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. As a nursing major and business minor, Johnnie has what it takes to push forward. He remembers why he chose to attend UL Lafayette.  

“I chose to study at UL Lafayette because it’s not too far from home, the campus is [truly] diverse, and it offers one of the best nursing programs in the nation with a 99% pass rate for the NCLEX-RN.” 

As he researched different colleges, Johnnie’s interest in UL Lafayette grew because of the nursing program’s prestigious reputation and the scholarships offered. 

Because of his future goals, Johnnie felt a business minor was the right decision for him.

“I chose my minor because I have dreams of owning my own business one day. How my major and minor could complement each other is by opening different urgent care, clinics, gyms, or even hospitals,” he said.  

Johnnie’s favorite nursing course is Nursing 204 taught by Professor Heather.  

He said, “She was an amazing teacher that made the class interesting. The class was very interactive, and I got to learn how to work together with different specialties in the medical field.”

His favorite elective course is UNIV 100: Black Male Leadership instructed by Mr. Henderson.  

Make every moment count 

Johnnie Hardy is heavily involved on-campus. He is a member of the Black Student Union (BSU), Reginald F. Lewis Scholars Program, Black Male Leadership Association, SOUL Camp, and the Student Government Association (SGA).  

“Being a part of these organizations truly set me apart from the rest of my peers. These programs help me make important decisions to help strengthen the nursing experience for students. These programs also help me engage and give back to the community with service around Lafayette. Lastly, I serve as a mentor for new [first-year students] coming in trying to figure things out.” 


Johnnie recommends that prospective students reach out to the organizations that interest them.  

“The Black Student Union organization was one of the first organizations I talked with on orientation day, there, they directed me to the people I needed to network with.” 

He appreciates the community networking space that BSU provides.  

“My favorite aspects and memories from being a member of BSU is the networking aspect and being able to talk to the right people that can lead me to my success of being a Black male on campus,” he said. 

Johnnie recently received recognition as one of the newly selected RFL Scholars at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  

“The University of Louisiana System’s three-year program is designed to enhance the educational experiences of exemplary Black male students,” he said. 

Scholars receive a full tuition scholarship and engage in three key areas: Community Experience, Social Experience, and Academic Experience.  

When asked about his favorite aspects of UL Lafayette, Johnnie said, “My favorite part about studying at UL Lafayette is the warm and loving atmosphere of the campus, everyone here is friendly. I haven’t had a bad encounter yet. There are so many viable resources on campus that I can use such as the library and tutoring to help me succeed.” 

As far as his plans after college? Johnnie will apply for medical school and work at a hospital as a nurse. He hopes to continue working as a nurse while in medical school.  

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