Meet Ph.D. student Megan Garrett-Quebedeaux

Written byQuinn Foster

"I investigated many programs that could further my education, and the faculty and program here at UL Lafayette gave an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills I was seeking."

Megan Quebeadeaux
Applied Language and Speech Sciences
Morgan City, LA

Where I'm From

I am from Morgan City, Louisiana. 

Where I Am

I am currently obtaining my Ph.D. in Applied Language and Speech Sciences.

Where I'm Going

I will continue as The Learning Center's Coordinator on campus, and I am open to the role of a professor. 

Megan Quebedeaux’s long-standing connection with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette did not happen overnight. She earned a B.A. in History at UL Lafayette and enjoyed her undergraduate experience as a Ragin’ Cajun. As a teacher, Megan wanted to improve her professional skills in a doctorate program at an institution she could trust. 

“I investigated many programs that could further my education, and the faculty and program here at UL Lafayette gave an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills I was seeking.”

Megan had prior experience with teaching at public schools and wanted to explore and understand the process of how students develop as readers and writers. The Applied Language and Speech Sciences Ph.D. program granted her the opportunity to expand on her studies.

She said, “My specific program allowed me to meet many colleagues to which furthered my understanding of the subject matter I was studying and provided mentorship from professors who were personable and invested in my growth. My mentor, Dr. Holly Damico, gave me opportunities for mediation along with research opportunities that helped me to grow as a professional.” 

Megan was introduced to qualitative research and learned new ways of understanding the literary processes of reading and writing. Megan believes her mentors and the collaborative nature of her peers and program has enhanced her journey in the Ph.D. program. Her most memorable experience was mentoring and teaching a Language Acquisitions course offered by the Department of Communicative Disorders.

“This experience was one of the greatest experiences in my academic tenure. I thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with my students as we learned and grew through each other. I grew as an educator as I navigated different personalities and perspectives.”

UL Lafayette is filled with supportive faculty and staff, and Megan knows their impact firsthand.  

“The faculty have been available to mediate and answer questions along the way. They have provided information and advice as I have needed it but have also reached out to other departments to assist in my growth,” she said.  

While Megan was developing her dissertation, Dr. Damico reached out to other departments and professionals to aid Megan with the process. Megan is grateful for the faculty and staff at UL Lafayette for helping her gain further insight and networking opportunities in her career field.  

Megan believes UL Lafayette’s graduate programs are well worth the investment because of the community support and quality of networking students gain throughout their academic journey. 

“The faculty on this campus go above and beyond in their mentorship and teaching. They understand the individual needs of students and meet them where they are, along with directing them to new understandings. You will never regret putting your future in the hands of UL Lafayette.”

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