Meet Graduate student Kimberley Bosman

Written byQuinn Foster

"When you get a master’s in communication at UL Lafayette, you will meet some amazing professors who want to see you grow."

Kimberley Bosman
Tilburg, The Netherlands

Where I'm From

I am from Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Where I Am

I am currently obtaining my master's in communication concentrating in Strategic Communication.

Where I'm Going

I plan to become an instructor at the university level, preferably at UL Lafayette.

Kimberley Bosman earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and felt she could optimize her experience by attending graduate school as a continuing Ragin’ Cajun. When asked why she chose her major, she said, “I chose Communication because I enjoyed the communication classes I took in my undergraduate career and wanted to expand my knowledge on the subject to become an even better educator.” 

During her graduate experience, Kimberley applauds the Department of Communication faculty helping and guiding her with the ins and outs of employment in the field. 

“I feel comfortable asking questions and showing interest, and the faculty will direct me where I need to go to learn more, or they will support me. I received positive feedback each time I show interest.”  

Kimberley decided to put her education into practice by becoming a teaching assistant. She describes being a teaching assistant as her favorite experience because of her interactions with students and the closeness of the cohorts. 

In addition, Kimberley is currently partnering with the student organization, SHA (Sexual Health Awareness) on her master’s project. She said, “My committee has been very helpful in guiding me and encouraging me to make the organization the best it can be.” She is also working on an internal project with her department and classmates. 

Kimberley encourages graduates to choose a route that works best for what they want out of their experience at UL Lafayette. “A project is a lot of work but still so rewarding. I get to see my plan go into action and troubleshoot on the spot. If someone is worried about doing a project, think of it as a functional thesis,” she said.  

After graduate school, Kimberley plans to become a university professor in hopes to continue her career journey at UL Lafayette.  

"When you get a master’s in communication at UL Lafayette, you will meet some amazing professors who want to see you grow. Think of it as a very small town, everyone knows everyone. They support you in various ways, and they want you to succeed."

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