Kristen Deville is a journalist working towards her Master of Science in communication

Written byQuinn Foster

"I have had an amazing experience in the program. The professors genuinely care about their students and are available during office hours or by email.”

Kristen Deville
Pineville, Louisiana

Where I'm From

I am from Pineville, Louisiana. 

Where I Am

I am currently obtaining my Master of Science in communication.

Where I'm Going

I plan to travel and find a career in my field. 

Kristen Deville obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications concentrating in journalism in 2020. Following such, she eagerly applied for graduate school at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  

“After researching the program at UL Lafayette, the courses offered and the familiarity with the campus prompted my decision to pursue my graduate degree. Additionally, my friends that were in the program spoke highly of it and told me how the program has prepared them for the future.” 

Graduate school started for Kristen online due to the global pandemic. Her student experience began with her being unable to meet in-person, but Kristen did not let this stop her. She reached out to individual students to build a relationship which worked in her favor. Because of this experience, Kristen cherishes her classmates.  

“That was the best decision! The program is challenging, and I knew I needed support from other students to thrive. I now have friends in the program that I [often] meet with and look forward to graduating together,” she said. 

Kristen has a professional background in journalism working as an intern at Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine and writing for L’Acadien.  

She said, "Through each experience, I enhanced my interview, research, writing and social media skills." She is currently a graduate research assistant in the Department of Communication at UL Lafayette. 

“I have built relationships with my supervisors Dr. Auter, Dr. Waters Mr. Lovel, Ms. Hobbs, and Dr. Dinu. As an assistant to each supervisor, I have had the opportunity to learn from them, ask questions and have developed a respect for each.” 

After graduate school, Kristen plans to travel and find a career in her field. For those focusing on graduate school, she recommends thoroughly researching the programs they are interested in and calling the department with any questions.  

“The professors genuinely care about their students and are available during office hours or by email. Whether you choose the thesis, professional project, or comprehensive exam route, the choice to come to UL Lafayette to obtain a master’s in communication is one I recommend. As a student in the program, you will meet engaging professors, and build and maintain relationships with other graduate students.” 

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