Meet architecture student Glenn Lancon

Written byAshley McClure-French

“I love the design process and I love the introduction to codes that we get here. Great design is not only beautiful, but it serves a purpose.”

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Architecture major Glenn Lancon
Glenn Lancon
Lafayette, La.

Where I'm From

I’m from Lafayette, La., where I get to study and stay close to family.

Where I Am

I’m an architecture major on my way into the Master of Architecture program.

Where I'm Going

I’m planning to teach architecture.

Once Glenn Lancon finishes his undergraduate degree in architectural studies, he’s going straight into the Master of Architecture program at UL Lafayette. 

He plans on earning his architecture license as soon as he can, and he is well on his way with an internship at the firm EnvironMental Design, along with some renovation and historical survey work under his belt. 

“I surveyed any changes made since the buildings were built, whether they are used for the same purpose now as they were before, and whether the buildings were old enough to be considered historical,” he explained. 

Glenn says he has gained a lot of value from his experiences in the UL Lafayette architecture program. Along with the hands-on practical skills required to be an architect, he credits his experiences here with helping him manage his time.

“Time management is a big one,” he said, “To be able to balance the workload in this program is a really helpful skill.”

He also credits the professors in the School of Architecture and Design with setting him up for success.

“The professors are very encouraging in every way possible,” Glenn said, “They are really invested from the first day of class until the day you graduate. I can call up my second-year professor for help on a project and they’re more than willing. They know my work and they know my process and I think that’s a really unique trait of the architecture program.”

Glenn didn’t initially come to UL Lafayette to major in architecture, but he said, “Once I found architecture, I had to make the switch. I like building things and solving problems and all of that seems to come together in architecture.”

The best part about the architecture program at UL Lafayette, Glenn says, is the openness for creativity that is not guaranteed at other universities. 

“We took field trips to other universities to see their design programs,” he explained, “And it made me appreciate this program more. I enjoy the way UL Lafayette does things. There are many different creative processes done at other universities, but the way things are done here fits me.

“I love the design process and I love the introduction to codes that we get here. Great design is not only beautiful, but it serves a purpose.”

When asked what advice he had for incoming architecture students, Glenn said, “Face it head on, and celebrate the process. It’s going to be difficult, but that perseverance will make you a great architect.”

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