Graduate student Jason Funderburgh believes community collaboration can create human-centered architecture

Written byQuinn Foster

“The unique experience in the School of Architecture and Design studios begins day one and is encouraged as one of the fundamental building blocks in design. The studio collaboration affords the ability to view ideas from mixed cultures and personalities, aiding in the refinement and exploration of new ideas.”

Jason Funderburgh
Tombstone, AZ

Where I'm From

I am from Tombstone, Arizona. 

Where I Am

I am an architecture graduate student with a graduate and teaching assistantship in the School of Architecture and Design.  

Where I'm Going

I want to become a licensed architect and practice architecture. 

Jason Funderburgh is transforming his lifestyle to design the life he deserves. Jason received his undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and decided to pursue a master's in architecture.  

He shared, “One factor in selecting UL Lafayette to pursue my graduate degree was aspirations of becoming an Architect and an architecture program near my current home in Lake Charles, LA. Another factor was the dynamics between the faculty, peers, and me.” 

Jason feels supported by his peers and mentors and enjoys the collaboration element in the architecture and design graduate program.  

“The studio collaboration affords the ability to view ideas from mixed cultures and personalities, aiding in the refinement and exploration of new ideas,” he said. "One aspect of collaboration is developing your voice to give constructive criticism to peers as well as receive the same from peers and faculty to help you improve and see your work from a different view.” 

He reflected on his experience as a House of Cards collaborator. 

“One project that I collaborated on called the House of Cards was envisioned by two SoAD graduate students and built by hand with a mix of undergraduate and graduate students for an artist with a vision to heal and exist ecologically with the land. [Because of] this experience and experiences in the studio environment I have developed deep friendships with most of my faculty and would say most have mentored me in one way or another throughout this journey.” 

When we asked Jason about his most memorable experience, he shared, “My favorite experience so far has been as a teaching assistant. This experience has allowed me to help shape the next generation of design professionals.” 

He believes the faculty and staff in his department are preparing him for his future endeavors. 

“The faculty makes every effort to provide opportunities to discover and make connections for our professional careers. Most semesters our studio will travel for field study trips, these trips include experiencing the cultural context of the area, the built environment, and the cultural setting within architecture firms we visit.” 

Jason wants to become a licensed architect and practice architecture at a trusted firm or his own. 

He encourages current and future students interested in graduate school to attend a program where their goals will be met. 

“UL Lafayette has been a wonderful experience, and every step of the way [people] have been there to support me in reaching my goals.” 


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