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Ragin' Cajun Spirit

Our Ragin’ Cajun spirit goes beyond athletics.

We’re passionate about the possibilities for a better world. But we also know good intentions aren’t enough. That’s why we’ve embraced serving others.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, faculty and students performed about 322,000 service hours in the community. And it’s why our Communicative Disorders Department doesn’t limit its clinical practice to the school year but instead devotes summer months to helping at-risk children gain the literacy skills they need to succeed. Our students and faculty are invigorated by problems that call upon our deepest reserves of humanity—and we’re applying our best thinking to solve them.

Our Center for Innovative Learning and Assessment Technologies is learning to play. Through the creation of educational games for children, the center is developing better ways to teach middle-school students science and math. One of their games, Rigglefish, won first place in the 2011 Adobe Design competition.