Meet finance major Caroline Berlin

Written byAshley McClure-French

“Too many people do not understand how the economy functions or how to manage their own money, and I see this as an amazing opportunity to help others invest in their futures.” 

Finance major at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Caroline Berlin
Caroline Berlin
Shreveport, La.

Where I'm From

I decided to come to UL Lafayette during my first visit because of the overwhelming friendliness I was greeted with.

Where I Am

I am majoring in finance and looking for opportunities to help underserved communities.

Where I'm Going

I am going to work for a non-profit organization that creates financial literacy and economic development programs.

Caroline Berlin wants to put the knowledge she’s learned as a finance major at UL Lafayette to good use. 

“After graduation I would love to work with a non-profit organization that focuses on re-investment programs in underserved communities,” she said. “I think that by creating financial literacy and economic development programs in low-income neighborhoods we could completely change a person’s entire life trajectory. 

“An economy is only as strong as its weakest members, so by creating financial inclusion and providing knowledge to those who have been overlooked in the past, we can not only help that individual, but we can make a great impact on the whole economy,” she said.

Her passion in finance is in helping those who need it. 

“Too many people do not understand how the economy functions or how to manage their own money and I see this as an amazing opportunity to help others invest in their futures,” she said.

“Often people who know little to nothing about their personal finances find it scary and overwhelming, but I would love to be able to show them that with a little guidance anything is possible,” she said.

Caroline found the inspiration to work with non-profit organizations from her Bank Administration (FNAN 415) class. During this class, she analyzed case studies and wrote a paper about her findings. This class also taught her a lot more than the provided lesson plan.

“Dr. Brian Bolton structured this class and his tests in a way that we had to demonstrate our knowledge and not just show that we know how to memorize the right answer,” she said. “Before this class I had no idea how complex our banking system was, and it was exciting to learn about.”

Dr. Bolton was just one of the professors who inspired Caroline.

“I love the professors in my program,” she said. “They love their jobs, and it is evident in the way that they teach. They make themselves available to answer students question and help guide them through the courses. They try to make connections with the students and show that they care and that has really impacted me as a student.”

Her professors’ support contributed to Caroline’s connection to the University.

“My favorite part about UL Lafayette is the strong sense of community that is present on campus,” she said. “I think that is pretty evident how much everyone cares about this University and the people who attend or work here. 

“The professors care about the success of their students and want them to do well. The students give each other support and advice on how to do well in school,” she said. “Without that support I know that I would not have been able to excel like I have done over my four years here.”

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