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Postal Addresses

Please use this format to send postal mail to UL Lafayette:

Department Name
PO Box #####
Lafayette LA 70504-####

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Academic Affairs, Vice President for
PO Box 43588

Academic Enrichment Program
PO Box 43648

Academic Planning & Faculty Development
PO Box 43589

Academic Success Center
PO Box 43580

Academic Summit
PO Box 43589

Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy
PO Box 43627

Accounting, Department of
PO Box 43658

Administrative Services, Office of
PO Box 40400

PO Box 41210

Advanced Computer Science, Center for (CACS)
PO Box 43694

Agriculture Engineering
PO Box 43701

Alumni Association
PO Box 40151

AmeriCorps Community Service Program
PO Box 43689

Architecture & Design, School of
PO Box 43628

PO Box 43552

Arts, College of the
PO Box 43663

PO Box 42455


Biology, Department of
PO Box 43602

Black Faculty & Professional Staff
PO Box 43537

Blue Key Honor Society
PO Box 43560

Board of Regents
PO Box 43546

PO Box 43574

Bursar's Office
PO Box 44444

Business & Information Technologies, Center for 
PO Box 43723

Business Administration, College of 
PO Box 43545

Business Office
PO Box 40400


PO Box 43694

Cajun Card Services
PO Box 43615

Campus Diversity, Office of 
PO Box 43681

Career Services
PO Box 43583

Cashier's Office
PO Box 44444

Cashier's Office
PO Box 43703

Central Receiving
PO Box 43559

Chemical Engineering
PO Box 43675

Chemistry, Department of
PO Box 43700

Chi Alpha 
PO Box 43704

Child & Family Studies Program
PO Box 43632

Child Development Center
PO Box 43660

Civil Engineering, Department of
PO Box 43598

Coastal Zone Management
PO Box 43633

Communication, Department of
PO Box 43650

Communications & Marketing, Office of
PO Box 43567

Communicative Disorders, Department of
PO Box 43170

Computer Science, Department of
PO Box 43586

Computing Support Services
PO Box 43621

Continuing Education
PO Box 43656

Continuing Education (Main)
PO Box 43601

Counseling & Testing Center
PO Box 43672

Crawfish Research Center
PO Box 43717

Credit Union
PO Box 43635

Criminal Justice, Department of
PO Box 43581

Cultural & Eco-Tourism, Center For  (CCET)
PO Box 43676

Curriculum & Instruction, Department of Educational 
PO Box 43591


Dean of Students
PO Box 43671

Dental Hygiene Program
PO Box 43619

Development, Office of
PO Box 43410

Disability Services, Office of 
PO Box 43693

PO Box 41111

Dupre Library
PO Box 40199


Ecology and Environmental Technology, Center for (CEET)
PO Box 43625

Economics & Finance, Department of
PO Box 43709

Education, College of (Dean)
PO Box 43722

Educational Foundations & Leadership, Department of
PO Box 43643

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Department of
PO Box 43664

Energy Institute
PO Box 43612

Engineering Management
PO Box 43596

Engineering, College of (Dean)
PO Box 43597

Engineering Technology, Department of
PO Box 43636

English, Department of
PO Box 43719

Enrollment Management, Vice President for
PO Box 42651

Environmental Science Program
PO Box 43717

Ernest J. Gaines Center
PO Box 43539


Facility Management
PO Box 43646

Federal Credit Union
PO Box 42970

Financial Aid, Office of
PO Box 41206

First-Year Experience, Office of
PO Box 43695

Foundation, University
PO Box 44290


PO Box 43536

General Studies Program (University College)
PO Box 43590

Geology Program
PO Box 43705

Geosciences, School of
PO Box 43705

Gifted Education, Center for 
PO Box 43648

Graduate School
PO Box 43716

Graduate Studies in Education
PO Box 43550

Greek Affairs, Office of
PO Box 43671

Gulf Coast Drilling Practice Systems
PO Box 43556


Health Informatics
PO Box 43565

Health Information Management, Department of
PO Box 43565

History & Geography
PO Box 43605

Honors Program
PO Box 43647

Horticulture Center
PO Box 43702

Housing, Office of University
PO Box 43617

Human Resources, Office of
PO Box 40196


Informatics Program
PO Box 43587

Information Networks  
PO Box 43630

Information Systems
PO Box 43585

Information Systems & Multimedia Laboratories
PO Box 43629

Information Technology, Office of
PO Box 43582

Innovation Management, Office of
PO Box 43610

Institute for Coastal and Water Research (ICaWR)
PO Box 43688

Institutional Research
PO Box 41732

Interdisciplinary Studies
PO Box 43590

Internal Audit, Office of 
PO Box 43707

International Affairs, Office of
PO Box 43932

International Engineering Students
PO Box 43706

Internship Program
PO Box 43696


Junior Division
PO Box 43580


K-12 Teacher Prep
PO Box 43576

KRVS Radio Station
PO Box 43595


L’Acadien Yearbook
PO Box 43555

Lafayette Press
PO Box 40831

Liberal Arts, College of
PO Box 43551

LIFE Program
PO Box 43687

Louisiana Accelerator Center
PO Box 43600

Louisiana Historical Association
PO Box 43626

Louisiana History
PO Box 40831

Louisiana Small Business Development Center
PO Box 43732

Louisiana Studies, Center for
PO Box 40831


Management, Department of
PO Box 43570

Marine Survival Training Center
PO Box 43631

Marketing & Hospitality, Department of
PO Box 43661

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
PO Box 43708

Mathematics, Department of
PO Box 43568

Mechanical Engineering, Department of
PO Box 43678

Military Science, Department of
PO Box 43552

Modern Languages, Department of
PO Box 43651

Moody College of Business Administration
PO Box 43545

Music, School of
PO Box 43572


NASA Regional Applications Center
PO Box 43642

Nursing, Department of
PO Box 43810

Nursing & Health Sciences, College of (Dean)
PO Box 43604


Online Programs
PO Box 43691

Operational Review
PO Box 43561

PO Box 43685

Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Church
PO Box 43599


Panhellenic Council
PO Box 43671

Performing Arts, School of Music and
PO Box 43690

Petroleum Engineering, Department of
PO Box 43718

Philosophy, Department of History, Geography and
PO Box 43605

Physical Plant
PO Box 43646

Physics, Department of
PO Box 43680

Picard Center
PO Box 43620

Planned Giving
PO Box 43410

Plant Industry & General Agriculture
PO Box 43702

Police Department, University
PO Box 40974

Political Science, Department of
PO Box 43581

President's Office
PO Box 41008

Printing Services
PO Box 43641

Procurement Tech Assistance Program (PTAC)
PO Box 43679

Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs
PO Box 43588

Psychology, Department of
PO Box 43644

Purchasing, Office of
PO Box 40197


Red Zone
PO Box 43574

Registrar's Office
PO Box 41208

Research Office
PO Box 43610

PO Box 43552


Scholarship Office
PO Box 44050

Sciences, College of 
PO Box 43649

Society of Professional Journalists
PO Box 43715

Sociology & Anthropology, Department of
PO Box 43543

PO Box 43665

Special Services, Department of
PO Box 43659

Sponsored Programs, Finance Administration & Compliance (SPFAC)
PO Box 42570

Student Affairs Division
PO Box 44572

Student Athlete Academic Center
PO Box 42567

Student Engagement & Leadership, Office of
PO Box 43671

Student Government Association
PO Box 43660

Student Government Association Legal Assistance
PO Box 43670

Student Health Services
PO Box 43692

Student Life & Conduct
PO Box 43671

Sustainability, Office of
PO Box 43677

PO Box 43535


Teacher Clinical Experiences
PO Box 43720

Transportation Services, Office of
PO Box 43618


Union, Student
PO Box 43614

University Advancement
PO Box 44090

University College
PO Box 43590

University Connection
PO Box 43655

Upward Bound
PO Box 43659


Vermilion, The (Student Newspaper)
PO Box 43721

Veteran & MIlitary Student Services
PO Box 43724

Voc-Tech Energy & Education Research Project
PO Box 43640