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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Strategic Plan

Vision. Louisiana.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s vision for its future is unapologetically bold. It is anchored in a strong identity and committed to ensuring that its students and community thrive. The past 25 years have demonstrated unprecedented expansion of the University’s programs, services and physical footprint. That momentum must continue.

The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette outlines the values, enduring commitments and strategic priorities that will guide the institution toward its next level of growth. This plan was developed in a multiyear process with significant engagement of University stakeholders.

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At the Heart of the University

Any strategic planning process must begin by identifying an institution’s mission and vision statements and its values. Such core language reflects the very heart of an organization and lays the foundation for planning. The following revised mission and vision statements and institutional values are the result of a multiyear dialogue led by the University administration with significant community input.

Mission Statement – What is Our Purpose?

Revised Fall 2022
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides an exceptional educational and professional experience driven by diverse worldviews and enriched by shared cultural traditions. Through public impact research, inspirational teaching and transformative service, we develop citizens, leaders and innovators who create solutions to community and regional challenges, improving the world for future generations.

Vision Statement – Where are We Headed?

Revised Fall 2022
Together, as a nationally prominent research University, we shape our community, region and world by embracing our unique culture, leveraging our deeply rooted traditions and fostering our competitive spirit to improve the human condition.

University Values – What We Agree is Important

Revised Fall 2022

  • Collaboration - Understanding and fostering connections with others across disciplines and perspectives 
  • Collegiality - Being cooperative, considerate and respectful while working together to reach common goals 
  • Honesty - Exhibiting sincerity and truthfulness through our actions, words and interactions with others 
  • Integrity - Demonstrating trustworthiness and ethical behavior, and exercising responsible stewardship of the resources with which we are entrusted 
  • Respect - Honoring the dignity of each person and fostering a spirit of inclusiveness
  • Transparency - Embracing open and continuous communication through consistent sharing of information


Enduring Commitments

The University’s enduring commitments are those with which the institution has longstanding and unwavering engagement and are interwoven with its current strategic priorities. They are the foundational building blocks for an exceptional student experience and are essential to both student and institutional success. Defining these enduring commitments helps reinforce their vital nature and underlines the institutional desire to keep them at the forefront of our work. Over time, these commitments shape the University’s identity, establish opportunities and limitations, and set its direction.

Access, Opportunity and Success is striving to achieve inclusive excellence beyond the boundaries of comfort to engage across cultures, discovering, appreciating and leveraging the rich diversity of our campus community. 

Innovation is striving to always be forward-thinking, encouraging novel and creative ways to positively impact students and find success in our strategic priorities.

Organizational Culture is the environment that influences the nature of collaboration and respect. It helps move the University toward our vision as we focus on the “people side” of the institution.

Service is fostering mutually beneficial community partnerships to exchange knowledge, collectively solve problems, enhance quality of life, and develop educated and engaged citizens.

Sustainability is fully embracing our environmental, social and economic responsibilities and preparing each student for success as a globally responsible, productive citizen committed to environmental stewardship.


Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Plan is rooted in the University’s mission and values and creates a five-year roadmap toward the realization of our vision. It includes five strategic priorities that address critical areas requiring resources and significant effort.

These priorities, together with the intentional delivery of the University of Louisiana System Core Competencies for Student Success throughout our academic and student enterprises, will enable students to become agents of change in support of our vision to improve the human condition. The core competencies supporting successful student outcomes include communications competence, critical and creative problem solving, adaptable resilience, cultural competence and self-reflective awareness.

These strategic priorities emerged from a three-year process of collecting and analyzing data, discussions, deliberations and the categorizing of thousands of pieces of information provided by University constituents. From that process, a clear set of trends emerged. It was evident the Strategic Plan would require a focus on academics, the student experience, research, scholarship and service. Dozens of suggestions fit into these categories, which grew to become the foundational pillars that will align University activities.

Academic Excellence is our responsibility to ensure the University imparts a learning and service mindset and instills in our students a desire to impact the human condition in a positive, meaningful way.

Exceptional Student Experience is our responsibility to meet the needs of contemporary students both inside and outside the classroom.

Intentional Stewardship is our responsibility to cultivate a space in which the human, physical and financial aspects of the University may thrive.

Public Impact Research is providing the academic and scholarly atmosphere for our students, faculty and staff to be ambitious and prolific in scholarship, innovation and creative activity through all disciplines across the University.

Transformational Community Engagement is our responsibility to foster collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships locally, regionally, nationally and globally to enrich teaching and learning, prepare educated and engaged citizens, strengthen our communities and improve the world for future generations. 

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Values, Enduring Commitments and Strategic Priorities

Operationalizing the Plan

Goals and objectives accompany each strategic priority. These represent more specific outcomes the University, as a collective enterprise, intends to achieve. While there are institutional priorities and strategies each leader will pursue to attain collective goals, individual divisions, colleges and units will then create objectives and strategies supporting the institutional plan at a more local level. 

Guided by these five strategic priorities, all major academic and administrative units will develop and implement strategic plans specific to their college, school or division.

Our Next Steps

As each division and college adopts its own plan to support the new University Strategic Plan for 2023-2028, leaders will align goals, priorities and objectives for their respective divisions and identify units that will support the plan’s implementation. 

While the plan is designed to take the entire University toward our vision for success over the next five years, transformational initiatives require flexibility as the plan may require periodic assessment and reorientation. 

The Office of the Provost and the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will track key performance indicators and annual progress toward strategic priorities and goals. The Strategic Plan will be a guide that shapes the efforts, resources and strategic implementation as we move forward—together.

Download the Strategic Plan