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Ragin' Cajun Bridge Program

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program allows students to be enrolled at South Louisiana Community College (SLCC) or Louisiana State University at Eunice (LSUE) with a minimum of six hours, yet still be eligible for benefits typically reserved for full time University students. For example, program participants are allowed free access to Edith Garland Dupre Library, Bourgeois Hall, Step computer labs, and select athletic events that Ragin’ Cajun students have access to.

The Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program will enable SLCC/LSUE students to get familiar with the University while still enrolled at the community college. The program is intended to promote success on both campuses. If students follow the plan, they will earn an associate’s degree from SLCC/LSUE and a bachelor’s degree from UL Lafayette.

Once a participant has earned a minimum of 24 college-level credit hours (including college-level English and college-level Math) and a 2.25 overall grade point average, they will be eligible to transfer to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as a full-time student.

• As part of the program, SLCC/LSUE students must meet with a UL Lafayette academic advisor at least once a semester to ensure they are on the right track for transferring.
• Ragin’ Cajun Bridge participants are allowed to apply for on-campus housing, based on availability. Housing expenses are to be paid out of pocket by the participants. There is no financial aid available to participants in this program.

To join The Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program, simply come to Foster Hall, Room 112 with a copy of your current class schedule, complete the application and sign an Intent to Enroll form.  There is a $90 fee ($70 for summer) associated with this program. This fee is due every semester of enrollment. There is no financial aid through the University available to participants in this program. Participants can qualify for financial aid through their home institutions.

Applications to enroll in the Ragin’ Cajun Bridge program for the Summer and Fall semester will open up on July 9. The enrollment period ends two weeks after the Fall semester begins.