University expands its Louisiana Legacy Scholarship


UL Lafayette is expanding its Louisiana Legacy Scholarship, a longstanding program that offers in-state tuition rates to students from other states with a parent who graduated from UL Lafayette.

Now, out-of-state students with at least one parent who received an associate’s degree or higher from other colleges and universities in Louisiana can have the non-resident fee waived.

“We’ve broadened it to include students whose parents have graduated from any public or private college or university in Louisiana, as long as the institution is regionally accredited,” said Dr. DeWayne Bowie, the University’s vice president for Enrollment Management.

The new program is available to students who have met admissions requirements and have enrolled at UL Lafayette.

It is designed to attract students with familial ties to Louisiana back to the state, Bowie said. “We’re seeing a lot of children of graduates from Louisiana institutions who live elsewhere, but want to come back home. This is our way of trying to help them do that.”

The Louisiana Legacy Scholarship has an annual value of $13,728.

To be eligible, students who have enrolled at UL Lafayette must provide a copy of their birth certificate—and verification of their parent’s Louisiana college degree—to the Registrar’s Office.

“Along with the student’s birth certificate, a transcript of the parent’s, or a verification of degree letter from the parent’s alma mater, is required. A diploma won’t be sufficient,” Bowie said.

The name of the parent who graduated from a Louisiana college or university must appear on the student’s birth certificate.

Student applicants should submit a cover letter, the documents, their name, ULID, and cell phone number to the University’s Office of the Registrar.

The information can be faxed, emailed, mailed, or delivered in person.

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