Proper Use of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Name

University of Louisiana at Lafayette® has been the formal and official name of the University since 1999. Please use it in first reference to the University in text.

UL Lafayette may be used as an abbreviation to refer to the academic institution when clarification is necessary.

Name: University of Louisiana at Lafayette®
Academic Abbreviation: UL Lafayette
Athletics Nickname: Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns®
Athletics Shortened Names: Louisiana, Ragin' Cajuns, and Cajuns
Athletics Abbreviation: LA (for score/stats listings only)

Athletics Nickname

Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns® is the nickname of the University’s athletic teams. Teams also may be referred to as Louisiana, Ragin' Cajuns, or Cajuns. In most cases, Ragin’ Cajuns plural is proper, though Ragin’ Cajun in the singular form can apply.

Registration Marks

Please include a registered symbol (®) as a subscript for the first reference of the terms University of Louisiana at Lafayette® and Ragin’ Cajuns® in text. The registered symbol must appear in every use of the logos.

Logos and Name Use

All uses of the University’s name, department names, nicknames, logos and visual marks (including the Ragin' Cajuns® family of marks) or any likenesses, including but not limited to advertising, stationery, websites, cobranding, facilities or apparel, must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Internal uses of the University's name for academic or educational purposes, such as syllabi or course materials, do not need to be approved by Communications and Marketing.

Inaccurate References

  • Do not refer to the University as UL-Lafayette or ULL in any instance.
  • Do not use the terms Lafayette or U of L, as they denote other institutions.