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UL Lafayette honors Top Scholars among a stellar freshman class

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has named nearly 200 first-time freshmen as President’s Top Scholars.

UL Lafayette designates incoming freshmen who were high school valedictorians or who scored a 32 or higher on the ACT as Top Scholars each fall semester. A total of 196 earned the honor this year.

The Fall 2020 freshman class is among the most academically accomplished in University history and includes 120 high school valedictorians. Its members averaged a cumulative high school GPA of 3.4 and scored an average 23.26 on the ACT.

“Students of your caliber have many options as they decide where to attend college, and we are pleased you have chosen to pursue your academic degree – and your dreams – here,” Dr. Joseph Savoie, University president, told Top Scholars in a letter congratulating them on their achievements.

“Your hard work in high school has prepared you to step with confidence toward the future. Our job as a University is to help you strengthen your already solid academic foundation,” Savoie continued.

In year’s past, the University has honored Top Scholars with a recognition banquet, but pandemic restrictions made that impossible this fall. Instead, honorees were greeted by University administrators during drop-by sessions held in late October at the UL Lafayette Alumni Center. There, they received a medal and certificate.

The following are the University’s 2020 Top Scholars.

Abapo, Matthew R.
Adkison, Tristan M.
Alansari, Julian J.
Alexander, Kaelyn J.
Amedee, Cameron J.
Andrus, Matthew C.
Andrus, Riley J.
Angelle, Emily A.
Angelle, Journey
Baird, Easton L.
Baugh, Trinity E.
Beller, Ashton C.
Birotte, Carlin C.
Blades, Tanner R.
Boagni, Charlie E.
Bonhagen, Andie
Boudreaux, Sydney C.
Bourgeois, Adiecia A.
Bourgeois, Hannah
Briley, Lisa A.
Broussard, Gabrielle E.
Broussard, Holden B.
Brown, Myllah M.
Burgess, Meredith B.
Bush, Rachel
Cade, Gabrielle A.
Cahanin, Randon S.
Callais, Sinclair K.
Camel, Luke
Carriere, Kali G.
Charles, Tristen
Comeaux, Jacques A.
Cortez, Isaac N.
Couch, Claire M.
Courville, Grace K.
Courville, Kamryn E.
Cowart, Maribeth G.
Crawford, Summer D.
Cunningham, Cameron R.
Dantin, Coreil
Davis, Chelsey D.
Davis, Dylan
De La Paz, Karessa G.
De Lara, Christopher John A.
Debarbieris, Emily G.
DeGruise, Emily B.
Demette, Andrew J.
DeSelle, Olivia C.
Deshpande, Ayush A.
DeSoto, Lillian R.
Difloure, Kaeleigh H.
Doll, Sarah C.
Dore, Devin C.
Doucet, Cate L.
Doucet, Claire L.
Douet, Garrett J.
Elliott, Luke E.
Elton, Brileigh M.
Finch, Sophia E.
Fonseca, Lucile A.
Fontenot, Kade P.
Fontenot, Megan C.
Frith, Kelli
Furka, Michael F.
Futch, Madeline K.
Gipson, Whitney R.
Gironda, Andrew R.
Gisclaire, Emily C.
Gray, Maggie L.
Grider, Jordan
Guidry, Aidan
Guidry, Lily M.
Hardin, Chloe M.
Hatfield, Kinsey
Hebert, Benjamin K.
Hebert, Braeden M.
Hebert, Isabel R.
Heying, John L.
Hollier, Camille V.
Hoss, Korey M.
Howard, Mia R.
Iber, Ashton L.
Jackson, Jordan J.
Janney, Adam B.
Jones, Lucy E.
Jordan, Emily J.
Joubert, Sarah E.
Karl, Lucy M.
King, Michael J.
Labbe, Shelby M.
LaBry, Lanie R.
Lam, Michelle H.
Landreneau, Jacob E.
Langlinais, Emma L.
Lanza, Grayson J.
Larcade, Grant A.
Lasserre, Kristian N.
Latiolais, Alec M.
Laviolette, Landon M.
Lawrence, Jillian C.
Lebeouf, Zachary P.
LeBlanc, Anna C.
LeBlanc, Ethan
Leger, Lexy A.
Letchworth, Carlie R.
Linden, Adam D.
Lombardo, Jami L.
Look, Kennedi E.
Lopez, Addie M.
Lopez, Emilee C.
Lopez, Lizeth R.
Lotief, Erin C.
Magnon, Alyssa J.
Malhiet, Cole
Marceaux, Gabrielle D.
Marin, Emma G.
Marin, Jesse P.
Martin, Olivia G.
McClure, Trey A.
Mckenzie, Jack L.
Meche, Shelby
Mestayer, Tristan M.
Michael, Kirsi S.
Miller, Abigail E.
Miller, Michael B.
Minvielle, Emily
Mire, Brooklyn N.
Moberly, Sydney L.
Monceaux, Mallorie M.
Morgan, Brianne M.
Neveaux, Carrington E.
Nezat, Colin
Nguyen, Kevin P.
Orgeron, Emily M.
Osman, Sami A.
Paul, Tessa L.
Pelto, Joseph O.
Philliber, Jaci R.
Phillips, Taylor
Phillips, Zachary B.
Pitre, Logan J.
Plumb, Alahna B.
Poche, Meghan A.
Prather, Seth C.
Prokasy, Emery G.
Ransonet, Conor J.
Ray, Joshua T.
Richard, Grace
Richard, Rudolph V.
Ritter, Brooks M.
Rivarde, Jocelyn
Robichaux, Patrick A.
Robicheaux, Val E.
Romero, Emilie
Saunier, Colt P.
Schmidt, Jonas I.
Schott, Jack D.
Sikat, Drew D.
Siner, Savion K.
Sinitiere, Carlee S.
Slay, Lindsie A.
Smith, Candie M.
Smith, Colt C.
Smith, Jack H.
Smith, Marshall C.
Snow, Taylor J.
Solis, Mathieu D.
Spencer, Jacob W.
Splane, William M.
Sprague, Jamie C.
St. Germain, Sarah J.
Stamey, Sarah C.
Steff, Joseph M.
Stelly, Carly R.
Stevens, Joey P.
Stonecipher, Samuel P.
Struble, Maggie K.
Stutes, Rilee G.
Tariq, Awais
Theriot, Blake D.
Thibodeaux, Alison C.
Thomas, Madison C.
Thomson, John H.
Tooraen, Natalia M.
Touchet, Austin J.
Touchet, Kylie R.
Valarezo, Maelle
Weaver, Nickalus R.
Webre, Paul A.
West, Sarah
Westmoreland, Danielle B.
Williams, Marcus T.
Wilson, Heather N.
Woods, Victoria-Kathryn
Young, Aaron M.
Zeller, Madison P.

Photo caption: Administrators were on hand to greet and congratulate this fall’s class of President’s Top Scholars during an event held in late October at the UL Lafayette Alumni Center. (Photo credit: Doug Dugas / University of Louisiana at Lafayette)