University launches Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program with SLCC


Students participating in the new Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program for the Fall 2013 semester were welcomed to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus during an orientation session on Thursday.

The Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program, a partnership between UL Lafayette and SLCC, benefits students attending the community college whose long-term academic plans are to earn a bachelor’s degree from the University.

It will enable SLCC students to get familiar with the University while still enrolled at the community college, said Dr. DeWayne Bowie, the University’s vice president for Enrollment Management.

“Its purpose is to help you enjoy and understand UL Lafayette and get used to the campus while you are earning credits at SLCC,” Bowie told SLCC students who attended the orientation session.

About 75 SLCC students have signed up for the program, said Andy Benoit, UL Lafayette’s director for Admissions and Recruitment.

“The bridge program gives students the opportunity to gain admission to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette after they complete their requirements at SLCC. During that time, they are able to access the University’s services, to ease their transition when they are ready to transfer and ultimately help ensure their academic success,” Benoit said.

Registration for the Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program will continue through the first week of UL Lafayette’s Fall 2013 semester classes, which begins Aug. 26.

At Thursday’s orientation, about 65 SLCC students learned about UL Lafayette programs and services, toured campus and received information about academic opportunities and student life.

Participating students also received a UL Lafayette ID card, which gives them access to University facilities, such as Edith Garland Dupré Library, Bourgeois Hall recreational facilities and the Student Aquatic Center.

The University ID also provides admission to Ragin’ Cajuns home games.

Students participating in the Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program will also be eligible to live in one of the University’s residence halls while they take classes at SLCC.

Ragin’ Cajun Bridge Program participants are required to be enrolled at SLCC for at least six credit hours each fall and spring semester.  Summer is optional, but if they choose to enroll during the summer session, they will need to be enrolled for at least three credit hours. In addition to SLCC’s tuition and fees, the cost of the program is $90 each fall and spring semester, and $70 for the summer session.

A participating student who has earned at least 24 college credits, including college algebra and freshman English, and has earned at least a 2.25 cumulative GPA, will be eligible to transfer to UL Lafayette.

The program is intended to promote success on both campuses. If students follow the plan, they will earn an associate’s degree from SLCC and a bachelor’s degree from UL Lafayette.

As part of the program, SLCC students must meet with a UL Lafayette academic advisor at least once per semester. Lana Rodriguez, a UL Lafayette academic counselor for transfer students, said SLCC students will receive guidance in areas such as degree programs and career planning.

University officials will visit the SLCC campus in Lafayette on the first Wednesday of each month during the Fall 2013 semester, Rodriguez said. “We will visit the New Iberia campus twice per semester as well.”

Visit for more information, or contact the UL Lafayette Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at (337) 482-6473.