E-Sports Communication

You should minor in E-sports Communication if:

  • You want to capitalize on your passion for gaming.
  • You are interested in game design, management, and kinesiology.
  • You're a natural and communicative leader.

E-sports and competitive gaming are rapidly growing entertainment areas, and ones which offer career opportunities in a variety of fields ranging from computer science (game design) to management, kinesiology, and communication.

Careers in E-sports Communication

E-sports and Communication Jobs

  • Director of E-sport Sales
  • Esports Software Development Engineer
  • Esports Marketing Communications Specialist
  • Esports Content Produce
  • Esports Gaming Product Manager
  • Esports Reporter
  • Professional e-sports player
  • Coach
  • Admin/Referee

Program Requirements

For your minor in E-Sports Communication, you will need to complete 18 credits hours of Communication courses, with a minimum of 6 credit hours being at the 300 or 400 levels. 

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