Wu Xu

Wu Xu
  • Faculty
  • Interim Department Head
  • Professor


Ph.D., Biochemistry, 2001
Iowa State University

M.S., Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 2003
Iowa State University

Student Research/Collaboration

The overall research interest of Dr. Xu is to understand protein function and structure relation. Dr. Xu’s lab is focused on developing a new computational algorithm, Triangular Spatial Relationship (TSR)-based, for protein 3D structure comparison, motif discovery, and protein – protein and drug – protein interactions. Dr. Xu is also interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying early fast processes of solar energy conversion into chemical energy.

Opportunities for Student Research/Collaboration:

Dr. Xu is  looking for Ph.D. students who are interested in bioinformatics or biochemistry.


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  • Sarika Kondra, Feng Chen, Yixin Chen, Yuwu Chen, Caleb J Collette, and Wu Xu. A study of a hierarchical structure of proteins and ligand binding sites of receptors using the TSR-based structure comparison method and development of a size-filtering feature designed for comparing different sizes of protein structures. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics 90(1), 2022
  • Vasily Kurashov, George Milanovsky, Lujun Luo, Antoine Martin, Alexey Yu. Semenov, Sergei Savikhin, Dmitry A. Cherepanov, John H. Golbeck, and Wu Xu. Conserved Residue PsaB-Trp673 is Essential for High Efficiency Electron Transfer Between the Phylloquinones and the Iron-Sulfur Clusters in Photosystem I. Photosynthesis Research 148(3):161-180, 2021
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Awards & Recognition

PI: Wu Xu 
Source of Support: NIH NIGMS (1R15GM144944-01)
Title: Development of a new computational method for predicting drug - target interactions using a TSR-based representation of 3-D structures
Project Period Covered: September 15, 2021 – August 31, 2024
Award Amount: $420,456
Location: University of Louisiana at Lafayette