Kary Ritter

Kary Ritter
  • Staff
  • Director of the Cleco Alternative Energy Center


Dr. Kenneth (Kary) Ritter is the director of the Cleco Alternative Energy Center (CAEC) and has a Masters’ of Science in Solar Energy Engineering from Högskolan Dalarna in Borlänge, Sweden. He has been the senior research scientist for the University owned concentrating solar power (CSP) plant since 2016 and has conducted numerous studies to optimize the plant operations and maintenance. He directed the development of the Mechanical Engineering Virtual Reality (MECH-VR) Lab that has developed over 10 virtual training applications. His research interests include solar power(CSP and PV), solar thermal, and virtual reality training.


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, 2003 
Louisiana State University

M.S. Solar Energy Engineering, 2011
Högskolan Dalarna University

Ph.D., Systems Engineering, 2016
University of Louisiana at Lafayette  

Student Research/Collaboration

Dr. Ritter's research interests are in:

  • Solar power(CSP and PV)
  • Solar thermal
  • Virtual reality training


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